Supporting One Another

Lace Antlers

The second I started my business, I knew that Roxanne and I had to collaborate on a projet. Once we got in touch, we decided to make an online giveaway where we both gave away one of our products and it couldn't have turned out any better. Her products always look amazing and her attention to detail is impeccable. I look forward to working with Lace Antlers even more in the future.

Lace Antlers I Roxanne Marchand

Northern Edge

I met Brock through a social media post his High School put of him describing how he started his business. Right away, I was hooked to what Brock did as a Laser Wood Engraver. His work compliments mine like no other. He is amazing to work with and is always willing to help out with any task I throw at him. This collaboration is one that will keep going on for years to come.

Northern Edge I Brock Babin

220 Clear Lake Road South,

Kapuskasing, ON, P5N 2X7


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